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Legacy Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance

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Key Facts

  • Issue Ages: 50-80
  • Coverage Amounts: $3,000 - $25,000
  • Features*:
    Guaranteed Acceptance. Level premiums to age 121. Death Benefit: The 1st through 2nd years 110% of premium due and paid. Beginning 3rd year equal to face amount.

*​ Not available in all states

You are already approved! You cannot be turned down for Legacy Life.

  • Coverage is guaranteed
  • No Medical Exam Required
  • Rates will NEVER go up – Benefits will NEVER go down
  • Builds Cash Value

Don’t want to take a medical exam or answer health questions? Consider Legacy Life. Legacy is guaranteed for life. Consider Legacy if you’re looking for a policy with guaranteed level premiums, no medical exam and no health questions to answer. Your policy cannot be canceled as long as your premiums are paid. Plus, Legacy Life builds cash value. What’s more, coverage is issued immediately. For even faster service apply online – it only takes about 5 minutes.

How can Legacy Life Provide for Your Loved Ones?

  • Cover funeral cost
  • Provide cash for your family
  • Cover final expenses
  • Build cash value

How does Legacy Life work?

First and foremost Legacy Life is a great final expense policy. It offers death benefit protection that provides you with peace of mind knowing that all your loose ends are covered and gives your loved ones one less thing to take care of in their time of grief.

First you need to decide on the amount of coverage you want up to $25,000. Next, get your free quote by clicking on the link below.  Once you get your quote you will have the option to apply online. It’s that simple and quick. 

Did You Know?

$7,181 – Is the average cost of a traditional funeral.
Source: National Funeral Directors Association 2014