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About Us

Welcome to American National

Financial Strength

We are the Trusted Choice for life insurance for over 5 million people. Protection is our passion and commitment – it has been for over 100 years.

We are American National

We trace our roots back to 1905 with the founding of American National Insurance Company, headquartered on Galveston Island.

Why Choose Us?

At American National, we believe that everyone deserves to be confident, and secure in their future. We’re committed to helping individuals and families build a healthy financial future.

American National Direct – Who is ANICO Direct?

ANICO Direct is a division of American National specializing in financial products offered direct to the consumer through direct mail, online and other media channels.

112 yrs
Providing Peace of Mind
Satisfaction Rating
5 Million
Policies in Force
$243 Billion
Claims Paid

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Service is a Cornerstone of our Business

Excellent Process

P. Pugh

I chose American National as my life insurance company after speaking with an American National Life Insurance Advisor on the phone. He was professional, knowledgeable and patient in describing the various life insurance policies.

I feel confident I have a policy that fits my needs and I’m happy with the coverage and payment plan. I would recommend American National to everyone.

Lisa B.

I’m able to afford it and American National made the process so easy!

Kathleen S.

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